Academy at Novadell


“If you care anything about the game of golf you have got to go see the golf Academy at Novadell. I’ve been working with Mitchell now for about three months …he is hands-down the best teacher I’ve ever taken lessons from. Even if you just want to hit golf balls there’s four heated Bays that are open till 8 o’clock at night on Monday Wednesday and Friday. How cool is that for Hopkinsville!”     ~ Rick Paxton

In October, 2013 we began construction of what it now known as The Academy at Novadell.  The vision of this Academy is to bring modern teaching and fitting technology to the Clarksville/Hopkinsville area and to create a hub of information and events geared toward growing the game of golf locally.   Home to 5 hitting bays, all equipped with heat, the building was constructed with golfers in mind who wanted a place to practice in inclement weather or those who wanted to train in our highly equipped Tech Bay.


The Tech Bay in The Academy totes a state of the art 3-Camara V1 Swing System.  This unit is capable of recording multiple swings from multiple angles and is geared towards allowing students to compare their swing to previous swings and the swings of others.  The slow motion capture allows our teaching professionals the ability to breakdown your swing right in front of you and send videos straight to your email for future viewing.

The Tech Bay also features the Flightscope X2 launch monitor which shows club and ball information for each shot.  This technology is used for club fittings, teaching, and yardage gapping.  It is our vision for you to know how far it went and why!


The Practice Bay is the home 4 heated hitting bays and an indoor putting green spanning 48 feet.  These bays are open to the public and reserved very similar to tee times.  We encourage all golfers looking to utilize

With The Academy at Novadell in place, you can now take the next step in your game.  We know from personal experience how frustrating it is to have to take the winter off and lose whatever momentum you had through the fall.  We also know that the winter time is the best time to make changes to your swing.  Give us a call today and take a tour of The Academy at Novadell.  Don’t just play golf, Play Great Golf!